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This year, charity begins at LetzChange

LetzChange Fundraising Challenge'19 presents an unmissable opportunity to each non-profit to win consistent rewards in a prolific journey of 50 days.

The challenge promises something for everyone, helping organizations expand their network, irrespective of the size of the organization or the remoteness of their location. Welcome to India's biggest online fundraising festival!

Mega Rewards
LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2019
Success Slabs
Charity Booster

Mega Rewards

Bumper rewards for organizations that bring in the maximum amount and supporters during the challenge.

Rewards based on amount raised

50% reward

for top charity upto ₹20,00,000

30% reward

for runner up charity upto ₹10,00,000
Rewards based on supporters

30% reward

for top charity upto ₹10,00,000

Success Slabs

Achievable targets and bountiful incentives, the success slabs act as reward ladders for all our participating non-profits

Rewards based on amount raised

Reward upto ₹4,00,000

On raising ₹20,00,000 or above

Reward upto ₹1,80,000

On raising 10,00,000 or above

Reward upto ₹85,000

On raising ₹5,00,000 or above

Reward upto ₹40,000

On raising ₹2,50,000 or above

Reward upto ₹15,000

On raising ₹1,00,000 or above
Rewards based on supporters

20% reward upto ₹2,00,000

once 1000 unique supporters are crossed

18% reward upto ₹90,000

once 500 unique supporters are crossed

16% reward upto ₹40,000

once 250 unique supporters are crossed

15% reward upto ₹15,000

once 100 unique supporters are crossed

Charity Booster Programme

As a part of the bigger objective to make non-profits accustomed to the concept of online fundraising, the Charity Booster Programme focuses on charities that are in the transition phase and require a focused approach towards crowdfunding.

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Why LetzChange Fundraising Challenge?

A fundraising festival solely for charities to celebrate their spirit and encourage them to expand their support system through online tools and services

Focused on non-profits

Its for everyone

At LetzChange, we strive to provide a one-stop solution to all the fundraising queries of our partners. Through the challenge, the aim is to cover all aspects and provide a 360 degree fundraising support including contemporary tools, marketing and technical services.

Peer-to-peer fundraising to increase your donor base

Peer to peer fundraising

A potent mechanism that allows active donors to spread the word about the cause/non-profit they care for, peer-to-peer fundraising reaches out to potential donors, who can leverage their social connections and help raise funds for charities.

Tools to help you go the extra mile

TOOLS to help

Exclusively tailored tools and services to help organizations make more efforts in the competition include:

0% Fees

No payment or processing fee or any charges for our services, ensuring that 100% of donated amount reaches your non-profit.

Marketing Assistance

From customized e-mailers to effectively designed creatives, we help you in effectively reaching out to potential donors.

Relationship Manager

A dedicated LetzChange Relationship Manager, whom you can contact anytime during the challenge for technical and marketing support.

Live Dashboard

A non-profit dashboard, enabling you to track donations received in real-time, along with other necessary details about the funds raised.

Previously at LetzChange Fundraising Challenge

Since the year of its inception, the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge has turned out to be a tremendously successful event, with the list of charities benefitting from it growing at an express speed. We have seen charities return to the following editions with replenished vigour, approaching the challenge as a festival.
This positive approach has led to charities raising a cumulative of Rs. 6+ Crore during all the editions of LetzChange Fundraising Challenge and we hope to keep serving our partner non-profits in the best way we can.

Raised by you in 5 years

₹ 6+ crore

Matched by LetzChange

₹ 2 crore


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Because future is in our hands

Align with Online

When the world is going digital, why should the charity sector stay behind? The most powerful medium to reach out to the world, internet is the most futuristic way of fundraising

Entail with Retail

Why rely on a handful of donors for funds when you can create a loyal community of supporters? Retail donations allow charities to establish a sustainable network of impact investors

Your gateway to the world of giving, LetzChange blends the best of both to present a one-stop fundraising solution for all committed Indian charities
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